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Deer Creek – August 2019

With school starting back up, I figured I better get the kid out fishing one more time.  He’s really in to stream fishing these days and I hadn’t fished deer creek in ages so we headed over to Potato Patch Campground.  It is a nice little wooded spot and, being mid-week, we found it almost empty.




There’s a decent trail right to the creek from camp..

The fish and the terrain made it tough on us but we worked though some small, put still pretty wild ‘bows…20190806_deer-creek_blog_0003





To get to a few better fish…20190807_deer-creek_blog_0010



Ya can’t ask for a much prettier place to wet your line than places like Deer Creek Falls…



Or the base of this little fall just down stream…20190807_deer-creek_blog_0015

…or really just about anywhere in the canyon…

Another great outing with my boy, who’s growin’ up way too darn fast!

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Butt Lake – June 2019

Took a quick run to Butt Lake for a little father/son fishing get away; hoping for the hex hatch to be kicking.

Found a nice shady spot to set up and all systems on the ‘pod worked after too long of a layoff…

Some quick protein for the first eve’s outing…20190618_butt_blog_0002

All staged up to get on the water…20190618_butt_blog_0003

They have really been draining this lake and I don’t think the fish are happy about it.  This, combined with very little in the way of a hex hatch made the fishing pretty tough.  The boy persevered and stuck a couple the first eve though…20190619_butt_blog_0014

While I foul-hooked about a 5lb squawfish…that lake REALLY mistreats me sometimes…20190618_squaw_blog_0001

…and that’s our ‘yaks WAY down there…just about as low as I’ve ever seen the lake…20190619_butt_blog_0012

When we started loading we discovered his boat had a good bit of water in it, presumably due to this…must have been from the tire on our little trailer on a previous outing…don’t know how we didn’t see it earlier!20190619_085130

Wednesday was a nice morning so we took a drive.  Ended up at Butt Creek for a bit.  The boy hooked one under this bridge…20190619_butt_blog_0004

Where he proceeded to scare me just a tad as he chased the thing down a small rapid…20190619_butt_blog_0005

…but ultimately landed it safely…20190619_butt_blog_0008

Pretty ‘bow…20190619_butt_blog_0007


Some gourmet camp cookin’ before the second night out..20190619_butt_blog_0010

Gorilla tape over the hole and back at it…20190619_broke-boat_blog_0002

James had a similar success rate and I had a similar failure rate the second eve…20190619_butt_blog_0015

Darn beautiful on the water both evenings though…20190619_butt_blog_0013

All in all, another great trip.  Now time to learn how to plastic weld something other than duct tape on that poor ‘yak.  I can’t afford another boat right now…lol…

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Janesville Grade Fall Colors

Just a few quick snaps from a little spin yesterday up Janesville Grade.  Some of the color is just starting to fade but it is still a pretty time to be up there!

(As usual, clicking images should yield larger copies)









I love this time of year in this country.


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Chasin’ the Hex Hatch – 6.22.18

Took a little paddle on Butt Lake last night to see if the hex hatch was kickin’ yet.

Gotta get nurished first.  Pretty setting for chow, other than the big ol’ power lines (it IS a PG&E lake though)…


The hatch wasn’t really explosive like it can be but it has definitely started.  The kid out-fished me 2 to zip with a couple 2.5lb class fish  (I’d guess the first one may have been pushing 3…he called it his “PB”…apparently “Personal Best” is WAY too long to say) and it was a beautiful evening.  Alas, my cheapo cellphone is TERRIBLE in low light but I did what I could…20180622_butt_blog_-1



That last fish was caught at 9:20 PM.  We figured that was a good enough time to start the half mile paddle back to the ol’ Dodge.   It was still a beautiful evening out and the campfires in the distance were the only indicator that we weren’t totally alone out there.  By the time I nursed a brewski as we loaded up we cinched the ‘yaks down under just about a First Quarter moon at about 10:20 PM….

Here’s the video footage, such that I could get…

There’s no shame in my game.  I’m gonna pick up a few little tubes like he was using before we give it one more go this evening!

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Echo Lake Weekend

Last weekend James and I had a weekend of “bachin'” it while Mel was out of town so we decided on a father-son fishing weekend.   Mel had the grocery-getter and I wanted low range to “walk” that last half mile of ugly road to Echo Lake so I called in the ol’ Dodge…

The spot I really wanted is currently an island since the lake is so high but this spot worked out great too…20180519_eagle_echo_blog_0002


Took less than a hour to set the ‘pod up and get the ‘yaks splashed.   At that point, it took less than 15 minutes to get our first double hookup…good start…20180519_eagle_echo_blog_0003

On our lunch/beer break the first day, we met our only camp neighbor, Jim and his really cool Carolina dog (AKA American Dingo) Carmen.  Jim’s an interesting fellow with lots of worldly experience he don’t mind talking about…

Jim asked us to get him some dinner and this was no issue at all…the brookie fishing was red hot…20180519_eagle_echo_blog_0005

Slayin’ all the fish on day 1 really worked up an appetite so I busted out the 10″ oven and whipped up a batch of prison food20180519_eagle_echo_blog_0010




Our nation’s symbol, the bald-ass buzzard, cruised by looking for HIS dinner too…20180519_eagle_echo_blog_0011


Life was good relaxing by a hot fire sipping a homebrew while James did a bit of bank fishing…20180519_eagle_echo_blog_0017


Carmen decided to “help” James land one…I decided to add further “help” by grabbing some phone video….half a dozen homebrews probably helped with the amusement…..

Carmen’s NEVER sat by a fire, has she?  (she spent more time in our camp than she did in her dad’s)…20180519_eagle_echo_blog_0018

The next morning was a tad brisk but beautiful.   Life is good when the ‘yaks are already rigged and ready to go…20180520_eagle_echo_blog_0019

James tried to stick one while I had my coffee…. 20180520_eagle_echo_blog_0020

The ol’ girl walked us in and, equally importantly back OUT!20180520_eagle_echo_blog_0021

Just gettin’ out in nature is awesome. Slayin’ some fairly decent little brooks is a sweet bonus…here’s about half our fish condensed into a little over 5 minutes…It was an epic weekend for sure!!!

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Riverbend Trail (last day of “vacation”)

Well, I’ve been on “vacation” for the last week.  My “vacation” has consisted of running a chainsaw, burning brush (from the aforementioned chainsaw), and getting a somewhat feeble start on building a fence.  I go back to work tomorrow and figured I better get at least ONE day of R&R on my week off (don’t feel too sorry for me; I only go back to work for 3 weeks before having 2 more weeks off, some of which will be really cool R&R, but I digress).  Not many better ways to spend the last day of “vacation” than  with my lovely daughter on a short spring hike.  She suggested Riverbend Trail near Red Bluff.  It is a nice little loop of about 5 miles without too many steep hills (good for me since I’ve put on plenty of beer weight this winter).

It didn’t take long to figure out the wildflower bloom is kickin’ at that elevation.  The lupines on the lower end of the trail were especially pretty…20170410_riverbend-hike_blog_0011


The trail is pretty easy but it is composed of lots of lava rock so I’d advise good shoes and watching one’s step…20170410_riverbend-hike_blog_0013


Pretty nice view once you reach the “top” (not like it’s some great summit you climb…the entire trail consists of a few  hundred feet of elevation change tops)…20170410_riverbend-hike_blog_0001




Also at the top is this cool sign that says some stuff about Jedediah Smith that I may actually read next time I head up…

We thought we’d head up on this little rock to kick back for a few minutes…

However, the aforementioned lava rock attacked me (note to self, put a small first aid kit in the camera bag)…

….nevermind…found the first aid kit….CHEERS!…

The walk back down was pretty as well (unfortunately some ugly power lines DO detract from some of the scenery)…20170410_riverbend-hike_blog_0009


Not a bad little jaunt!  Time for a couple more of those nice Hop Valley brews to close out this “vacation.”


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Snow Strolling

Just thought I’d share a few shots from some short strolls up on the grade the last few days…

This was about the end of the line for the grocery-getter on Sunday morning…

Given it was all new powder up there Sunday (still coming down some when I got up there) I figured I better put these funny lookin’ things on…20170122_083223

It was chilly, but pretty…


I tested the weather seals on the ol’ Canon pretty well (had I tested the damn batteries BEFORE i took off, there would have been more shots from that day)…

Mel humored me the next day after it cleared up but hadn’t exactly warmed up…20170123_snow-hike_janesville-grade_blog_0004

We’ve definitely been getting some of the white stuff around our neighborhood…






Some times I think my baby takes just as pretty of shots with her Galaxy as I do with my big heavy beast…facebook_1485306053203

Almost back to the warmth of the old truckster…

We survived and didn’t even have to eat each other!…20170123_snow-hike_janesville-grade_blog_0010

The plow operators have earned their keep on the hill this year…

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…Wait 15 Minutes!

Well, the good ol’ Pineapple Express has been making things interesting around here.  The old adage about if you don’t like Lassen County weather wait 15 minutes has surely been the case lately.

I just thought I’d share a few shots (as always, click on any image to view it larger)

This is what the branches of an apple tree look like when it rains for 12 hours without exceeding 32 degrees…

The yard critters were definitely chilly Sunday Morning…20170108_our-yard_blog_002



We took a little drive on Monday.  First we headed up Janesville Grade.  I think the grocery-getter COULD have made it to Antelope Lake but lack of cell service made us chicken out.  It was definitely pretty up on the mountain though…20170109_winter-drive_blog_-1


We headed up 139 next.  Some of the guys from 5 Dot Ranch posted on social media  that they were starting a yacht club the other day.  I see why…20170109_winter-drive_blog_-4


I thought I’d grab a shot of this solitary goose near Willow Creek.  After two shots I realized I’d been duped…it is a decoy.  It may not be good enough to attract real geese but it was good enough to steal 5 minutes of my life…lol…. 20170109_winter-drive_blog_-6

The main reason for the journey this direction was to see if Eagle Pond has a chance of turning back to Eagle Lake one day.  The way Pine Creek is running this early give me some hope…20170109_winter-drive_blog_-7





Just a few more shots from the drive back down.  We’ve definitely had a bit of precipitation the last week!…20170109_winter-drive_blog_-12




SR139 was getting spooky with trucks chaining and taking their half of the road out of the middle so we thought we’d run back to town via Rice Canyon Road.  This is when our normally bleek desert looks pretty…
20170109_winter-drive_blog_-16 20170109_winter-drive_blog_-17

As I wrap this up I’m looking at a rain gauge that says 8.21 inches of rain in the first 11 days of the year.  Add that to the dozen or so it recorded from October through December, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say the drought is over; at least for 15 minutes!

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Battle Creek Falls – A Few Hours in Nature


Mel and I decided today would be a good day to get out and get some much needed fresh air.  I also wanted to start getting an idea whether the General Grabber AT2’s were a good call for a winter tire on the grocery-getter.  Judging from the performance in 6 inch deep slush, I’d say they’re going to get the job done if we want to get a bit off the blacktop (in moderation) in the winter…


We took a spin into Battle Creek Falls.  Just a little 16 foot drop next to an antiquated power house.  I wish the snow/terrain/my bum knee would have let me get down for a better photo angle but these will have to do for now…



Naturally, you have to stop for a road-side selfie…


We liked the look of the sky when crossing the causeway at Almanor on the way home (ok, in reality it was more pastel pink but you don’t take a photo you MAKE a photo, right?)…

Nice little afternoon with my gal that we ultimately capped off at Lassen Ale Works (gotta get a few more runs there while it still exists)!


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